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Cops and Crime Scene Investigators

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12/26/08 03:59 pm - getflacked - Old Community Re-vamped!

Welcome to nycconfidential. Yes, it's been re-done and is now being re-opened under new management with updated rules that are now similar to other RP communities. Check it all out in the welcome thread.

Slash and het are both welcome and there are only a few taken characters. We also allow OCs as well as characters from other crime shows.


There are only a few taken characters so come check us out and submit your application today! 

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12/1/08 03:16 am - detdonflackjr - Pimping out two RP communities!

I'm pimping out communities again. csitricityslash is a slash RP community looking for members. There are still several characters still available from all three CSI shows. Also, they accept OCs and characters from other crime dramas.

So come over and take a look!

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csinyc_rp is looking for members! We still have several available characters.

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We're desperately looking for:

: Stella Bonasera (please note that Mac is involved with Danny so please don't apply for Stella if you had your heart set on Mac/Stella), Lindsay Monroe (please don't apply for Lindsay if you had your heart set on Danny/Lindsay), and any other character that is or has been on the show. Miami: Natalia Boa Vista, Maxine Valera, Frank Tripp, Rick Stetler, and any other character that is or has been on the show. Vegas: Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, and all other characters.

We also have openings for any characters from other crime shows. Gibbs from NCIS is already taken and if you joincsinyc_rp, you are also eligible to join [info]csinyc_random where you can bring any characters you play from anywhere!

Please visit our welcome page and/or our profile page for more info.

11/19/08 08:31 pm - michele0013 - RP Community

I hope this is okay with the mods, if it isn't please delete it.

I would like to invite you to check out a multi-fan RP site... follow_evidence. The site has characters from NCIS, all three CSI, Numb3rs, as well as other fandoms. We are looking for more people to have fun playing with. The site is slash friendly (actually its mostly slash but that is not a requirement.)

If you've never RPed before, its kind of addictive and lots of fun, so please check it out and if you're interested fill out the application and I look forward to seeing you there.

6/25/08 07:23 pm - heartspeed

[info]csi_ny_rp  is looking for some new people to RP. We have several characters available from all 3 CSI’s.

Our rules and requirements are here, along with the list of claimed characters. If you are interested in claiming a character you can message one of our Mods [info]welleg_fic If you have any question you can message me or comment here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

6/11/06 05:51 pm - pirate_jimbob - Nick/Hodges Forum

Hi everyone, just promoting a new CSI forum for Nick/Hodges shippers:


Its quite empty at the moment lol, so please join!


6/26/05 07:37 pm - jeanette_m - Here's a fic

"Better" parts 1 & 2
Pairing: Danny Taylor/?/?
Rating: pg-13 to R (nc-17 later on)
Summary: Danny goes on vacation to Las Vegas.
Unfortunately his trip is cut short.
Author's Notes: the first part may be a bit confussing
But I swear it'll become clear in the next chapter.

Chapter 1- Things can’t get any worse. (Part 1/?)
“Flight 427, New York to Las Vegas. Now Boarding.”
Danny took a quick glance at his watch and slowly let out a sigh. Well, here goes. Danny thought as he picked up his backpack and duffle bag. He walked up to the ticket woman and handed her his ticket. She smiled with a nod and said softly that she hoped he enjoys his flight. Danny forced a smile in return as he walked into the gate.
His heart beat sped up by the time he sat down in his seat, his duffle bag in the compartment above and his backpack between his legs. Taking in slow deep breaths, Danny leaned back and closed his eyes. Okay, you can do this. It’ll be fine…Danny gulped. I hope. He clenched on to the arm rests as they called for the final boarding.
Not being able to stand it anymore, Danny opened his bag and reached in for his CD player. Quickly his put on his ear phones and played the disc on random. As the music played, Danny let out a sigh of relief and leaned back as he closed his eyes.
* * *
Danny’s eyes shot open as the plan came to a stop. The fight attendants were standing at the front of the plane smiling at the passengers as they made their exit. Danny shook off the rest of his sleep and stood up, grabbing his backpack in the process. Slowly, each passenger took his or her time, to take their own luggage from the compartments, and huddled together to get out of the plane as soon as possible. Some of the passengers behind Danny’s seat were waiting for everyone to leave, not in any hurry to get off. Totally opposite from Danny Taylor, who wanted nothing more than show his badge and have everyone cram into the tight spaces between each row of seats, just so he could run off the plane.
* * *
Danny immediately regretted stepping out of the airport; when he felt the rays of the sun beaming down on him and the thick air pass through his lungs. Danny looked around the desert city that is Las Vegas. Danny walked up the nearest cab and got in.
Danny leaned forward. “Hearthside Suites, please.”
The driver nodded and started the cab. Danny leaned back as the cab pulled away from the airport.
* * *
Danny paid the driver and got out of the cab. Slowly he turned around and examined the very plain and ordinary looking hotel, before walking into the entrance. The front was filled with light. In the center of the main entrance was a round table. On top of the table was a large vase filled with a variety of flowers. The floor beneath it was covered by a large carpet, stitched to perfection, creating amazing designs. It was a surprise to Danny at how nice the room looked. Slowly he walked up to the front desk and rang the bell.
A young woman, in her early 20’s with brown hair and blue eyes, came from the back room. She wore a maroon vest and white long sleeved dress shirt.
Looking at him she smiled and said in a friendly voice. “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?”
Danny smiled as he removed his sun glasses. “Yeah, I have a reservation here.”
The young lady nodded. “What is your name?”
“Danny Taylor.”
The woman began typing on the computer and scanned the screen. Danny knew something was wrong by the way the woman frowned. She glanced back at the keyboard and began typing again.
“I’m sorry Mr. Taylor, I can’t seem to find you name on here.”
Danny’s jaw dropped. “But I called in a week in advance. How-?”
“I’m sorry, but I can’t find it. I even checked if they switched your name around.” She bit her bottom lip nervously, before giving an apologetic smile. “I am really sorry.”
Danny smiled and nodded. “It’s okay. Look is there another room I can take?”
The young woman looked down and typed away, only to frown even more. Slowly she looked up. “Sorry, it seems all the rooms are taken up.” Danny slammed his hand on the desk and looked down, cursing under his breath.
Taking a deep breath and quickly releasing it, he looked up and forced a smile. “You know what? It’s fine. I’ll just go somewhere else.”
With that, Danny picked up his stuff and walked out of the hotel. He hailed a cab and told the driver to go to the Hampton hotel.
* * *
Driving on The Strip, Danny stared out the window, taking in all the people and casino/hotels. It was so different to look at during the day. It reminded him of New York, only hotter and drier. So far he had to deal with being on a plane and then find out that the room he was supposed to be staying at is occupied by someone other than him. “This day can’t get any worse.” Danny muttered letting his head fall back.
* * *
Okay, so apparently he was wrong, since he’s been to three different hotels and all of them were booked. Now he’s in his fourth cab, to he didn’t even know and the sun was starting to set. Ugh, could this day get any- NO! I am not saying that, that’s probably what got me into this in the first place. Danny was about to tell the cab drive to pull over, when he saw that the blue Toyota Camry, two cars in front of them, swerve out of control.
The SUV in front of them swerved into the next lane, just as the cab behind the Toyota got hit hard. The driver of his cab hit the brakes sending Danny back into his seat. A second later there was a violent blast and the cab started swerving out of control. Danny quickly buckled up and held onto the seat. Horns and cars screeching to a halt surrounded him, as he closed his eyes and prayed to God that he wouldn’t die. There was violent jerk and Danny felt himself being pulled up from his seat. Danny kept his eyes closed tight and held onto his seat belt for dear life. He felt his head hit the roof of the cab hard and his backpack roll on to the side, next his head as if protecting his face. Slowly he opened his eyes and through blurry vision he made out the body of his driver, laying on his nick and shoulders, the rest of his body in the air. He was upside down and still strapped in; he tried to look to the side but failed as darkness overcame him.
* * *
Greg was on his way to the lab, he was running late, due to a faulty alarm clock. He was about to call his boss when he was a car up a head swerve out of control. Greg quickly hit the brakes and watched in astonishment as the car hit the car behind and the other car managed to get out of the way. The cab was not so lucky. Greg reached for his cell as he watched the cab bounce up and swerve out of control. The driver obviously tried to hit the brakes and move out of the way, making the cab flip over and get caught in the crash.
Greg quickly got out of his car and dialed 911.
“ 911. How may I-”
“There’s a car pile up on I-15. We need paramedics over here, now.”
Greg hung up before she could respond and quickly made his way over the accident.
* * *
It was worse up front. Greg looked at the scattered pieces from the cars, before looking at the big picture. Three cars total. He didn’t know if anyone survived, but it wasn’t his job. Yes, he wished it was, but right now. It wasn’t. He couldn’t go looking into each vehicle and check the people’s pulses. He didn’t even have glov…Forget it!
Greg walked over to the first car. Unbuttoning his Hawaiian patterned shirt, he ripped off a piece of his cotton wife beater. Slowly and carefully he checked the pulse of the driver, dead. He walked over to the second car and checked the driver, nothing. From the view Greg had of the driver’s wife’s neck he couldn’t see a pulse.
He looked at the cab that flipped over. The driver was laying on his shoulders and neck. Arms splayed out. Greg checked the man’s pulse on his wrist. Also, dead. Last but not least the back. Greg turned his head and saw the man in the back seat. He stared at the passenger, who was still strapped into his seat, backpack right next to his head. Slowly he looked away and did a double take. He could’ve sworn he saw him move. The passenger twitched, slightly.
“Oh shit!!” Greg hurried over and leaned down to look at the person. He was young, mid thirties, with dark hair and tan skin. Greg shook his head.
“Sir! Can you hear me?” Greg said with a little more authority.
“Mmm…” Danny mumbled. Greg’s eyes widened. Quickly he reached in a grabbed Danny’s hand.
“Everything is going to be okay. The paramedics are on there way right now, so just hang on there Okay?”
Danny nodded, eyes still closed. Greg nodded, as he let go of his hand and looked up. Please hurry up!
Greg looked back at the older man and his mouth dropped. Danny stopped breathing. “Shit. No! No, come on.” Greg carefully shook him and squeezed his hand. “Wake up, please to don’t die.” Greg felt his pulse slowly fade away. “Oh no, you don’t. Nuh-uh. Not now.”
Greg undid his seatbelt and held onto him so he would land on his head. Slowly and carefully, Greg pulled him out of the car and laid his head down on the concrete. Greg checked his pulse again. Placing his hands over the strangers heart Greg began CPR.
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5” Greg plugged the man’s nose and gave him mouth to mouth.
He repeated it three times before Danny began coughing. Greg smiled as he opened his eyes. Danny looked at Greg in the eyes and opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. “Breath. Just take deep breaths.” Danny obeyed the commands and winced at each breath. Greg got out his cell again and dialed Grissom’s number.
“Hey, Grissom? It’s Greg.”
“Greg, where are you? You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago.”
“Yeah, I know but there was an accident on I-15-”
“What are you doing on I-15?”
“I went to visit some friends, who are out of town. But there was an accident and I’m waiting for paramedics.”
“I see. So, why are you waiting?”
“Well, um you see…I went to check it out and I found one survivor. He’s not in critical condition as far as I can tell, but-”
“Greg, when you get here, see me in my office.”
Greg gulped as he nodded. “Alright.”
Greg hung up. He looked down and saw that the older man was out again. This time he didn’t feel a pulse.
“NO! You gotta make it.”
Greg placed his hand once again over his heart and began CPR.
* * *
Greg must have repeated it ten times before the paramedics came. The sirens from the ambulances wailed on and the shouts from the paramedics telling Greg they’ll take over wasn’t enough for him to stop.
“You’re not gonna die. Not now.”
Two paramedics pulled Greg off and lifted the older man’s body onto a stretcher before lifting him into the ambulance. The paramedic inside checked his pulse and looked at the others, shaking her head.
Greg looked at the ground and closed his eyes. Without a word to the paramedics, Greg shuffled back to his car and drove to the lab, where an angry and intimidating Grissom awaited.

Chapter 2 – I relived that day…(part 2/?)
The spiky-haired lab rat hurried into the station and walked towards Grissom’s office. Not paying attention to anything, or anyone for that matter, walked into Nick Stokes, making him drop his coffee in the process.
“Shit! Greg, will you watch where you’re goin’!?” He said shaking the coffee off his hand.
“Sorry. Really sorry.” Greg said quickly walking away.
Nick stared at Greg for a second before catching up with him and stopping him. Greg looked at Nick, eyes wide and skin pale as if he’d seen a ghost.
“You okay? You look-”
“I’m fine!” Greg said walking away.
Nick frowned as he watched the usually energetic and funny lab tech speed down the hall into Grissom’s office.
* * *
Greg opened the door and force in the door way. Slowly Grissom looked up at Greg and raised and eyebrow before sitting back in his chair. Grissom folded his arms and looked at Greg over his glasses.
“Take a seat, Greg.” He said, voice showing no emotion.
Greg gulped and nodded as he walked forward and took a seat opposite of Grissom.
“So, how was the accident?”
Greg opened his mouth, then closed it, not knowing how to answer the question. So instead of responding to the awkward question, Greg looked at the pencils on Grissom’s questions.
“Want to tell me why you went to check out the accident?”
Greg sighed. “I just had a feeling that…I donno…that I could-”
“Help them?” Greg looked up at Grissom, shock written all over his face. Grissom raised an eyebrow again. Slowly Greg nodded.
“So did you?”
Greg shook his head. Grissom studied Greg, who was now slowly sinking into his chair with his shoulders hunched and head held low.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
Greg just shrugged.
“Talking may help.”
Greg looked up at Grissom and nodded. Greg sat up and leaned forward.
“I knew this guy in college, Sam. Great guy, smart, had lots of friends and well was one of my best friends…One day we all got together to hang out and have a few drinks, nothing big. But he and his other buddies went driving in an empty lot, across the street, making sharp turns, speeding, that sort of stuff. It seemed fun, that is until…” Greg closed his eyes. Grissom leaned forward. “Until what, Greg?”
Greg shook his head. “… Until the car flipped over…Me and the others all ran over to the car…I got there first and checked inside. Jack and Ben were in the front and Sam was in the back. Sam may have been drunk but he was the only on who was sober enough to buckle his seat belt…I didn’t do anything, I just stood there and watched him. He was still breathing but the others told me to wait until the police came. So I did...” Greg said, his voice cracking a bit. “…I just watched him slowly slip away…Police got there about 20 minutes later. But it was already too late, Sam had died.”
Grissom let out a slow breath as he watched Greg dig the ball of his hands in to his eyes. Greg let his hands fall and looked Grissom in the eyes. “Grissom, when I saw that guy, I…I relived that day…I mean what would have happened if I pulled Sam out? He could still be alive by now. He could-”
“What happened to the victim?”
Greg felt a lump rise up in his throat. “He…didn’t make it.”
Grissom just nodded and looked at his desk. Greg looked down and closed his eyes.
“I see. Greg…”
Grissom paused when he saw Greg’s body start trembling. He took a deep breath and quickly released it. “Greg, go home. Get some rest.”
Greg looked up, a worried look on his face, as he watched Grissom get up and walk around the desk. Grissom walked up to the door and slowly opened the door. Greg stood up and shook his head.
“No. I’ll be fine, I swear.”
Grissom grabbed Greg’s shoulders. “Greg, just go home and relax. You can’t work like this. Take the day off and come back tomorrow.”
Greg looked at his feet before nodding. Grissom let go of Greg and just stared at him.
Still not looking at Grissom, Greg said “See you tomorrow, Grissom.”
Slowly he walked out of the office and out of the building.
* * *
Mmm…Where am I? Agh, too bright…Danny slowly looked around the white washed room. He was in a hospital gown and hooked up to some monitors. What the hell?
Danny closed his eyes as the memories of the accident came back to him. Flashes of the car swerving, out of control and of the cab, flipping over. He groaned as everything came back. Well this is turning out to be a REALLY great vacation!
“Oh good you’re up.” An elderly looking nurse said as she came into his room. She walked over to his side and filled a glass with water. Slowly lifting his head and putting the cup up to his mouth, he was able to drink some of it.
“Where am I?” He asked softly.
“You’re at the Las Vegas Hospital. You were very lucky that that young man pulled you out of the cab. He performed CPR and waited by your side until the paramedics came. They thought that you wouldn’t make it. But I guess you proved them wrong.”
Danny tried to remember the person she was talking about, only to come up with a blank. He wished he did remember though. That way he’d be able to thank him. That is, if he would see him again. Danny looked over at the woman and smirked when he realized that she was still blabbering on.
“Um…excuse me, when can I leave?”
“Is there anyone we can contact, to look after you?”
Danny shook his head. “I’m from out of town.”
The nurse smiled at him sympathetically. “Then, I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here until the doctors are sure you can take care of yourself.”
Danny let his head fall back as he stared at the ceiling.

Danny struggled to open his eyes. When he did he saw a young man with light brown hair spiked in different directions. He watched the man’s face light up when he watched him blink a few times. Danny opened his mouth but nothing came out. The stranger just smiled.
“Breath. Just take deep breaths.” Danny took slow deep breaths, wincing every time, feeling a sharp pain travel through his body. Greg stroked his hair a few times before getting out his cell and dialing. Danny just watched, stunned. This man just saved his life.
“Hey, Grissom? It’s Greg.”
Greg…his saviors name is Greg…darkness came over him once again.

Danny blinked a few times. Now I remember. Danny closed his eyes and swallowed. He wondered if everyone else made it and how many people there were. He mind began to race with so many unanswered questions, mainly, why that guy, Greg, saved him.
Danny yawned and let his mind drift him to sleep.

Later That Day-

Danny let out a yawn. As He opened his eyes, he was greeted by darkness. Looking around, he noticed that it was night time. What time is it? Danny looked around the room once more. Not seeing a clock in the room, he looked up at the ceiling and fell back asleep.

The cab popped up when part of the other car blasted through the wheel. Danny quickly buckled up. His heart raced as he watched the cab driver try to avoid getting hit, all the while trying to keep his car under control. Danny closed his eyes, praying for his life, as he held on to the seat belt strap and the cushion of the seat. The next moment was a blur. He felt his body being lifted up off the seat and then, he felt his head bounce off the top of the cab. His vision was blurry, but he saw the cab driver, laying upside down and not moving. Slowly he closed his eyes.

Danny woke up to the sound of someone humming. He looked to his right and saw the elderly nurse who was in here yesterday. She was putting the monitors away and throwing away the tubes. She looked at Danny and smiled.
“Well, it’s good to see you finally getting up. How do you feel?”
Danny closed his eyes. “Not as bad as yesterday.”
“Good. Well, today the doctor will be seeing you. To see if you’re able to leave.”
“Great.” Danny said rolling his eyes. “So when do I see the doc?”
The old woman glanced at her watch, then back at Danny. “He should be in right now.”
Danny nodded.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Danny looked up to see a tall, African American man, with light brown skin and amazing hazel eyes. Danny just looked at him, jaw dropped and eyes wide. The man smiled. “Are you the one who was in the I-15 accident?”
Danny snapped out of his trance and nodded. “Yeah. Danny Taylor.”
The man walked up to Danny and shook his hand. “Warrick Brown, Crime Scene Investigator. I just came to ask you a few questions about the accident, if that’s alright.”
Danny nodded. “Um, sure.”
Warrick looked at the nurse and nodded. As the nurse left, another man walked into the room. He was a Caucasian, middle aged man, maybe older, shorter than Warrick, in a brown suit and a stern look planted on his face. He smiled at Warrick, then at Danny.
Warrick nodded back. “Danny Taylor this is Captain Brass of the Las Vegas Police. He’s going to ask a few questions as well.”
Danny nodded. “Warrick grabbed the chair near the door and dragged it over the Danny’s side. “How are you doing Mr. Taylor?”
“Pretty good, captain. Just glad to be alive.”
“Yeah, I hear that. So can you tell us, what happened?”
Danny nodded and explained the whole accident, from beginning to end, leaving out no details. He told them about the man who saved his life and how he wished he could find the man and thank him.
“I’m sure he knows that you’re thankful, Mr. Taylor.” Brass said.
Danny nodded and looked at his hands in his lap.
“Well, thank you for your time. We’ll let you rest now.” Warrick said standing up.
Danny watched them head towards the door. Warrick paused and turned back. “I hope that you find the guy who saved your life.” He said looking him straight in the eyes.
Danny thanked him and watched Warrick leave his room.
* * *
Danny woke again to the sound of knocking at his door. Danny looked around the hospital bed. He couldn’t remember falling asleep.
“Hello, Mr. Taylor. I’m Dr. Thomas. How are we feeling today?” Danny looked up and saw another man walk into his room. He was about his height, slim, with blue eyes and light brown hair. He looked almost like he was straight out of a soap opera. Danny chuckled softly at that.
“Not bad.” He replied.
“That’s good. The nurse told me that you’re here on vacation and that you don’t know anyone here who can watch you. So I’m just going to check out how serious your conditions are and if they’re good then you’re free to go. If they’re bad, well I’m sure you know what’s going to happen then.”
Danny nodded. “So why don’t we start with you standing up?”
Danny threw the blankets off of him and slowly moved his legs over the side. He winced at the pain going through his legs, but he had to admit that it was a lot better than yesterday. Carefully, Danny pushed himself on to his feet and stood up. Oh Shit! That hurts. He took a few steps before turning to the doctor. Dr. Thomas nodded and took notes in his file.
“How does it feel?” He asked not looking up.
“Um, fine. It’s a little painful, but nothing that some aspirin can’t fix.”
Dr. Thomas nodded again, this time looking up at him. “Mr. Taylor, we took x-rays of you body, before you woke up and it shows no breaks or fractures. You seemed fine walking. So I’m gonna let you go. I’ll prescribe you some pain killers, before you leave. Now where are you staying?”
“I’m not staying anywhere. The hotel that I was supposed to stay at, gave my room to someone else and two other hotels were booked. Before the accident I was on my way to another one.”
“I see.” He said calmly.
There was a brief and awkward silence before anyone spoke again.
“I think after this, I was going to go back to New York.”
The doctor looked up. Danny swallowed as the doctor just nodded. “Alright. So since you’re here why don’t I write up the prescription and you can get dressed and call the airport.”
Danny nodded as the doctor left the room without another word.
* * *
All dressed and packed to go, Danny headed out of the room. He saw Dr. Thomas walking up to him with a prescription bottle in his hand.
“So, here are the pain killers. This should be enough for you. Did you call the airport?”
Danny nodded. “Yeah. The plane leaves in about 2 hours. So I should get going.”
Dr. Thomas nodded, handing him the bottle. “Well, here you go. Have a good flight.”
Danny shook the doctor’s hand and left the hospital.
* * *
“Flight 198, Las Vegas to New York. Now Boarding.”
Danny slowly got up and walked up to the line of people, waiting to be boarded. Danny looked out the airport window, catching his last glance at Las Vegas.

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